Lynn Dee Mattingly, Fiber Artist

Lynn Dee Mattingly, Fiber Artist

I always have several quilts in progress! My quilts are utilitarian,  meant to be wrapped up in;  heartily made, designed to be used and washed; artfully created to add color and love to living spaces.

Choosing a flat crepe weave, textured on both sides, and using French silk dyes, considered the best in the world, I paint individual silk scarves. Pattern and texture are inspired by natural forms but the color comes from my head.  Each scarf is one of a kind, hand painted in Colorado. Silk camisoles and short capes are available also.

Functional and funky, my quilted potholders are bright handfuls of color and pattern.  Available in two shapes and boundless color combinations, they make an affordable unique gift for anyone who has a kitchen –  that means everybody!

ldmpeacegarlandPeace Garland
I listen to Tibetan Chants and meditate for peace while I construct these little garlands – layers of pattern stamped on cotton squares.  Hung above a door or window, the garland sends out a prayer for peace in this crazy world.

ldmwomankindquiltWomankind Quilts
Womankind quilts are beautiful small quilts made especially to protect your bedding during your menses. Wash often as needed.  Be reminded that being a woman is to be beautiful.

Lynn2011Lynn, a Colorado fiber artist, creates quilts, unique fabric gifts and hand-painted silk scarves.

I feel like a patch in a quilt, like a stroke of color on a bright scarf.

I have been exploring quilt making and fiber arts for 40 years, making hundreds of quilts, teaching adults and children, and owning a quilt shop in Boulder for eight years. I have explored weaving, knitting and felt making. Silk painting has become a passion, adding a less controlled process and immediate color play to my work.

Seeing patterns and feeling color are my life’s gifts. Patterns of all scales from spiraling galaxies to city street grids to a spider’s web help me make sense of my world. Color provides soul.

I am ever grateful to be doing this work.